History & Organisation Profile

Winnam Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Corporation was incorporated in 1990 under the Aboriginal Councils and Associations Act.

winnam atsicWinnam's first objective was to address housing issues for Indigenous people in our local community. Due to various factors including low-incomes, cultural differences and discrimination by landlords, our people have long had difficulties finding both affordable and good quality accommodation.

We are also a contact point for Indigenous people seeking advice, support and referrals for employment, accommodation and social justice issues.

In the past we have received funding from ATSIC for the purchase of our properties. We also used to receive a small amount of operational funding from them, together with the occasional one off grant for repair and maintenance of our properties.

Currently, however, both our organisation's operational costs and property maintenance costs (including repairs, rates and insurance) rely almost exclusively on the limited rental income from our reduced-rent housing.

We reiterate that all income earned by Winnam is used solely for either the ongoing operation of the organisation or to further the objectives of the organisation. Neither the members nor the governing committee receive any financial profit from the income earned, as per item 20 of our Constitution.

georgina hostel BWIn 1997 our organisation was approached to administer the Georgina Margaret Davidson Thompson Hostel and Aged Care facility at Morningside in Brisbane. Funding for the operation of this comes via the Department of Health & Ageing.  All funds generated for the operation of this facility (ie : Residency Fees) are put back into the Administration of the Hostel.

As you may be aware, Health and Housing (Together with Education) have been identified as areas needing critical attention for Indigenous People.

We as an organisation have made it our Main Objective to address these key issues.

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